Our Services

ProArb WA provides comprehensive arboriculture services, including pruning, hedging, tree removal, stump grinding, power line clearance, pest/disease management, root management, consultancy, and mulch/log sales.

Our Services Include,

but are not limited to:


We are committed to helping you maintain the health and appearance of your hedges and shrubs. Our team provides comprehensive hedging services designed to promote healthy growth, encourage dense foliage, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the hedge.

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Tree Surgery

For all your tree work needs.  We can do it all – safely, efficiently and to the highest standards. All work is undertaken by fully trained and experienced operatives to the highest standards and keeping up with current legislation and recommendations and remaining compliant with all relevant health and safety standards.

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Emergency Service

If you are experiencing an urgent tree problem that requires immediate attention, no matter what time of the day or night, we can help.

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Stump Grinding

Professional removal of tree stumps using specialised equipment. Once a tree has been dismantled, we can grind the stump down to below ground level, effectively eliminating any visible remnants of the tree.

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Power Line Clearance

We understand the risks associated with trees and powerlines. That’s why we offer expert power line clearance services to ensure both the safety of your property and the continuity of your electricity supply.

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Pest/Disease Management

We are dedicated to protecting the health and longevity of trees in and around Perth. We provide comprehensive pest and disease management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Root Management

Tree roots can cause significant problems if not properly managed. Proarb WA offers expert root management services, ensuring your trees remain healthy while mitigating potential risks associated with root growth.

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Our consultancy services include:

  •   Safety inspections
  •   Tree Inventories
  •   Pest and disease diagnoses and management
  •   Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)*
  •   Arboricultural reports
  •   Tree impact assessments
  •   Risk management

Mulch and Log Sales

As part of our commitment to sustainability and full circle tree care, we offer high-quality mulch and logs for sale. Mulch and logs offer a wide range of options for enhancing gardens, landscapes and various projects.

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Tree Planting

We provide a full tree and shrub planting service from small trees through to semi mature, either as bare root stock or as containerised plants.

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Russell and his team were very clean and professional. They even stopped work while our neighbour had an important meeting (to keep the noise down). Very considerate and polite. Would definitely recommend them, and will use them again.
Tim Mason

We are highly experienced, professional Arborists, dedicated to providing quality tree care to Perth and the surrounds.