Mulch & Log Sales

As part of our commitment to sustainability and full circle tree care, we offer high-quality mulch and logs for sale.

Mulch and logs offer a wide range of options for enhancing gardens, landscapes and various projects.

Mulch & Log Sales

Mulch enhances the aesthetic appeal of gardens and landscapes.

It provides a neat and uniform appearance while creating contrast with plants and other elements. There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing the right mulch. The purpose of the mulch (moisture retention, weed suppression, aesthetic appeal only, etc), and any specific requirements of your plants (some plants prefer acidic soil, while others thrive in alkaline conditions).

Logs, on the other hand, are typically used for various purposes such as firewood, construction, or decorative elements in landscaping.

Give our office a call if you are in need of any mulch and/or logs and we can help you. Or if you have some work booked in with us, you can request to keep the mulch and logs. Just let us know before we drive away with the mulch in the back of our trucks. Or if you are looking for logs, let us know before the day of the job and we will ensure they don’t get chipped up.

Great service, friendly team, amazing price. Russell and his team cut my palm trees and cleaned the site for me. Highly recommend them.
Omid Jo

We are highly experienced, professional Arborists, dedicated to providing quality tree care to Perth and the surrounds.